The Project Space

The JWTC project space: towards curatorial/aesthetic/theoretical form[s]
FORM/FORMULATION proposes situations where artists pry, question, and dialogue with theory. The historically antagonistic relationship between practice and theory will be subjected to interference, intervening, and reimagining by theorists and artists.
The JWTC Project Space at Goethe on Main, will be an experimental contemporary art space, a vehicle for curating theory. Somewhere between exhibition and symposium, the project space at the 2013 JWTC aims to explore the correspondence and discontinuities between theory and practice, in ways that interrogate the categories of form and content.
The Life of Forms, the theme of the 2013 JWTC will mobilize a framework: The space will be modular and multifunctional, operating simultaneously as work space, discussion/presentation environment, while at the same time restituting ideas generated from JWTC workshops, past and present.
As a result, some of the interventions and collaborations in the space will be developed in a real-time relationship to the workshops in 2013 JWTC, while others will take a retroactive view of how theory manifests in art documentation by working through archival material from past JWTC’s.
While participants and speakers at 2013 JWTC will be invited to collaborate with this project, there are artists who are conceptualizing a range of interventions and perspectives in advance. These include:
Talya Lubinsky
Raimi Gbadamosi
Frances Burger
Naadira Patel 
Michelle Monareng
Georgia Munnik
Lungelo Pule
Tolo Pule
Zak Blas
Marie Ange Bordas
Karin Tan
Antonia Brown
Georges Pfruender
Mwenya Kabwe
Tshego Khutsoane 
Kutjo Green
Cynthia Kros
Soundmind Lab
The propositions by these artists will develop the concept of form in relation to a diverse range of concerns, which include:
The archive

                                       Photographs by Naadira Patel

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